This website represents the results from the RISE Project on 2SLGBTQ+-expansive Education, a five-year SSHRC-funded project that set out to develop 2SLGBTQ+-expansive content and provide strategies for queering teacher education in Canada.

In the About RISE tab you can find out more about the research and team.

The B.Ed. Core Course Modules section offers content related to core teacher education courses, including content areas and methods courses, which can also be found in the K-12 Methods Modules tab.

Queering Education provides a more in-depth discussion of the principles and contexts framing the research and modules.

The Indigiqueer area of the site is under continuing development and seeks to foreground Indigenous knowledges and understandings of sexuality and gender within the context of education.

This web compendium of resources is simply a beginning place, rather than a definitive statement or final ending point. We believe that curriculum is a process always in the making. Inevitably, we recognize that there will be gaps, absences, and missing information. We graciously invite feedback, questions, or content suggestions designed to help clarify and strengthen our website content. As educators, we recognize that our collective knowledge is continually growing and evolving. We hope you will help us to continue to develop this website into a meaningful resource designed to stimulate important conversations in teacher education. To help identify any gaps or absences, a contact form button has been included at the bottom of each page or in the main menu. Please use it and reach out to us with your thoughts and any feedback, questions or suggestions.

We hope you find this content useful in building safer, more inclusive, and equitable schools for all students.


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Queering Teacher Education


This website offers recommended approaches, materials, and activities for doing this work in core teacher education courses in Canadian faculties of education.

The RISE website is intended to provide starting points for thinking about ways to queer teacher education and develop queer-expansive educational practices. Visit our Queering Education pages for more detailed discussion of our approaches.


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